RootWize is dedicated to the worldwide elimination of diabetes one person at a time.   We offer programs, services, products, and income opportunities to help people with diabetes to begin and continue to create a lifestyle that ventures to eliminate diabetes.  New and long lasting habits need to be created.  We recognize the burden the condition puts upon those who struggle with it daily . We also understand that far more is needed than the words “diet and exercise.”

RootWize will provide 24/7 peer and professional support.  Many who are medically trained have never had the condition.  Many who have the condition do not have the training.  We provide both and much more.  Along with multiple daily classes available and caring trainers and diet experts, there will also be classes on menus, shopping, cooking, personal development, and medical knowledge about the effects of the disease and the medications.  In time, we will show you how to start your own RootWize franchise.  Why not help your friends and neighbors live longer.

RootWize is a worldwide organization of many, many neighborhoods.   We operate where you live. We support the communities where we take up roots. We encourage the growth of healthy living for all.  From urban farming to farmers’ markets, we believe that healthy individual and community roots are the way to eliminating the diabetes and pre-diabetes affecting 50% of the American adult population.